Go ahead, give your tires the rest they need. When they come off your car for the season, check them into the Bill Marsh Tire Hotel. It's a service we think you'll appreciate. Your tires are stored in a secure location and then we'll have them all ready for you the moment you're ready to put them back on your vehicle.

The Tire Hotel can free up space in your garage so you can actually store your lawn mower or snow blower! No dirt, mess or black marks to deal with in your garage, your trunk or your clothes!

We welcome all makes and models. We'll store your tires for only $50 per season even if they were not purchased at Bill Marsh. This is our way to let you know that Bill Marsh has a full line of tires available for your vehicle at very competitive prices. We want you to depend on us for all the services you need for your car or truck, even off-season tire storage.