Customs FAQ

What kind of routine maintenance do you recommend for my new truck cap?

Leer's cap engineers suggest: Check the tightness of clamps after the first week of operation; then again every 6 months. Clean the track on sliding windows and twist windows to remove any dirt. Application of a dry silicone, such as Camie 999 in the track will allow for easy operation. Pushbuttons and lever arms canbe lubricated every 3 to 6 months with lithium grease or equivalent.

How should I care for the finish on my new LEER cap or tonneau?

Our paint manufacturers recommend NOT washing or waxing your new tonneau for the first 90 days (see below). After that time, we suggest routine washing with a mild car soap and soft rag or sponge. Apply a quality paste wax designed for automotive finishes twice a year. Should you need a deep cleaning of the surface due to oxidation, we suggest using products designed for fiberglass restoration, readily available at RV and marine outlets.

What is a "tonneau" and what can it do for me?

A tonneau (pronounced 'tonno') is a hard fiberglass lid that covers, secures and seals the cargo bed of a pickup truck. It provides these benefits without changing the basic, classic profile of a pickup truck. It turns the cargo bed into a large lockable storage space that you'll use when you go shopping, hunting, camping, or running errands. Think of it as a huge trunk - but it does more. It also keeps dirt, rain, snow, leaves and other debris out of your truck bed, and protects the bed from damage from the elements. Finally, a tonneau is also a style statement - it covers and enhances the look of the bed, and the truck itself.

How well does the 3M tape hold? Will it withstand the extremes of weather?

The 3M tape is an all-weather tape designed specifically for automotive use. It holds up to heat, cold, water, and other weather factors extrememly well. In fact, body shops and auto repair businesses use this tape for many uses. You should have no worries about the strength of tape used on our products.
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