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Today's vehicles are the safest, most reliable and most fuel-efficient ever made. Keeping them running that way is the most important step you can take to help reduce your fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The National Automobile Dealers Association is encouraging new-car and -truck dealers across the country to offer customers Green Checkups for FREE. Contact your local dealer to see if they're offering Green Checkups, and to schedule an appointment to get one. It only takes about an hour, and it's an hour well spent. Proper vehicle maintenance can easily save you hundreds of dollars each year and possibly thousands.

The simple service checks below will get you better gas mileage, but each check may vary according to your dealer's expert knowledge of your vehicle.

  • Tire Wear: Replacing worn tires can save hundreds of dollars each year.
  • Tire Pressure: Proper inflation can improve mileage up to 3%.
  • Examine: for unnecessary items that add weight to the vehicle.
  • Brakes: Improperly maintained brakes can result in unwanted drag.
  • Engine Performance: A single misfiring spark plug can cut fuel economy by 4%.
  • Air Filters: Replacing clogged air filters can improve gas mileage by up to 10%.
  • Motor Oil: Energy conserving oils can improve fuel economy by 2%.
  • Warning Lights: Ignoring indicators can result in poor fuel economy and release of toxic emissions.
  • Evaporated Emission Controls: Faulty controls can waste gas and degrade air quality.
  • Transmission: A properly operating transmission can be critical to overall fuel economy performance.