Highest Tensile Strength. Highest Tear Strength. Highest Abrasion Resistance.
Making Line-X the highest performing bed liner.

Line-X is a two part polyurethane elastomer system.  It uses equal parts of an "A" component or the hardener and a "B" component or resin.  When combined properly it produces a polyurethane elastomer similar to the bottoms of your work boot.

The two liquid components are brought together (using special equipment) at the tip of the spray gun.  Line-X cures or "sets up" in 3 to 5 seconds, giving it an immediate set time.

  • 100% bond to virtually any surface
  • Best Looking
  • Environmentally safe - no VOCs or CFCs, 100% solids
  • EPA exempt
  • 80% + physical properties to -50 degrees
  • Withstands temperatures as high as 350 degrees +

Adds Value to New & Older Trucks

A Line-X bed liner is a great way to add resale value, whether you spray it on a well used or a new truck bed.  According to the NADA* "Official Used Car Appraisal Guide" a Line-X bed liner adds $355 in trade-in value to your truck.

The skid resistant Line-X surface helps to hold loads in place.  Plus, it won't tear or rip like other "soft" spray on bed liners.