CNA Tire & Rim Protection is the most comprehensive rim/wheel and tire repair and replacement coverage in the industry.

Consumer Reports magazine identifies road hazards as the number one cause of flat tires and rim/wheel damage in the U.S. In the last three years, American consumers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars out of their own pockets to pay for repairs caused by hazards they encounter every day on the roads and highways.

Doesn't it make sense to have a protection plan against the high costs of an expensive and inconvenient wheel, rim or tire repair?

Tire Coverage - Absolute Automotive Tire & Rim Protection presents the following complete Tire Coverage against road hazards, such as:
- Curb Damage
- Metal Scrape
- Broken Glass
- Nails and Screws
- See plan agreement for full details

Rim/Wheel Coverage
- We offer the following Rim/Wheel Coverage:
- Curb Damage
- Bent Rims
- Scratches
- Cosmetics
- Scrapes and Gouges
- Paint matches for all OEM wheels
- Simulated lathe lines for machined wheels
- See plan agreement for full details
- No Deductible

Replacement Costs
The risk you take without being covered can be very frustrating and expensive.  Here are some typical rim/wheel and tire replacement costs that you could encounter for the following vehicles:
 Model Rim/Wheel Tire
 Explorer $429
 Santa Fe
 $358 $195
 Chevrolet Tahoe $880 $299
 Dodge Ram 1500
 $325 $295
 Chrysler Town & Country
 $320 $235
 Toyota 4Runner $429 $335
 Escalade $1,149 $327