• 2020 Ford Bronco Talk

    1) The last production Bronco was in 1996
    2) Two and four door versions
    3) The doors and the roof will come off
    4) Repackable Airbags
    5) Baby Bronco called Maverick
    6) Spring 2020
    7) Might be a Bronco Pickup
    8) Based on the Ranger
    9) Might get a manual transmission
    10 Hybrid version

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  • Best Affordable Sports Car Of 2019? Hyundai Veloster N

    Having a great time usually entails spending money. That relationship is inverted on the all-new 2019 Hyundai Veloster N. The performance variant of the hatchback with the odd third door is the best affordable sports car on the market.

    During controlled track laps and squaring off on the autocross against the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Nissan 370Z, BMW M2, Toyota 86 and others, the hot hatch impressed with its aggressive handling, excellent braking and overall value.

    The first N-line performance in the U.S. market, Veloster N marks a new highpoint in the evolution of the Korean brand…

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  • 3 Reasons Spring Is the Perfect Time to Change Your Cabin Air Filter

    When spring rolls around, we all have a long list of tasks to tackle. Everything from thoroughly dusting the house to packing up your heavy winter coats seems to eat up your free time. All too often, the importance of caring for your car gets ignored after harsh winter driving conditions and preparing it for the heat of summer.

    While the idea of adding preventive maintenance for your vehicle to your list might seem daunting, one of the best things you can do in the spring is to have your vehicle’s cabin air filter changed. It is easy to…

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  • Car Care Myths

    From Reader's Digest, August 2018

    "Premium fuel helps performance." Premium fuels make a minor difference in efficiency. What they actually do is to keep the innards of the engine cleaner and combustion friendly.

    "More fuel if I fill up in the morning." The temperature of fuel doesn't change much when the air is cooler, so you aren't saving any money by filling up in the cold. 

    "Electric cars are more likely than conventional cars to catch fire." While there had been some concern that the battery in hybrid and electric cars might catch fire after a crash…

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  • The Evolution of Automotive Service Technicians at Bill Marsh

    Today’s Automotive Technology

    When most people think about a career as an auto technician, they might envision having a wrench in hand, rotating tires, changing oil and other perceived greasy tasks. While this might have been the case until a decade or so ago, service and auto repair careers have evolved significantly at Bill Marsh.

    Vehicles today include sensors, computers and other advanced technology, meaning service and auto repair roles require much different skills than they did in the past. Roughly 80 percent of repairs at Bill Marsh are electrical, requiring technical troubleshooting having to do with sensors and…

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  • College Football Tailgating: Must-Haves for a Great Tailgate

    So, you’ve got your tickets to the game, and you and your buddies decide you are going to tailgate before kickoff.

    Maybe it’s your first time to celebrate within sight of the sacred stadium, perhaps you haven’t had the chance of doing it in years or possibly you are an expert who is there at every golden opportunity.

    Regardless, this is an event worth carefully planning for because even if you tailgate…
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  • Here's what makes a good car for college

    For college students who want to travel home during breaks, having a car can be crucial. Plus, mom and dad might not want to move you in and out of the dorm every year. Having a car makes it way easier to run errands and get to work, especially if you have an off-campus job.

    But what makes a good car for a college student? And what models are best for college students?

    Multiple factors go into choosing a car: safety, size, features and more. For college students’ needs, we felt the following criteria were most important:

    Manufacturer’s suggested…
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  • 5 Ways to Get the Most out of your Test Drive

    Whether you’re buying a new or a used car, a test-drive is integral to determine if the car is right for you. However, just a spin around the block won’t be enough to make a choice. Being thoroughly prepared before the drive will give you the edge in your decision-making process. At Bill Marsh, we have compiled five expert ways to maximize your test-drive efforts:

    1. Come Prepared
    You should know as much as possible about the model before you head to the dealership. If possible, note down a list of questions or doubts you have so that…
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  • Your credit rating suddenly jumped? Here's why

    If you've checked your credit report recently, you might have noticed a pleasant surprise -- an increase in your credit score. Overall, nearly 70 percent of Americans have seen their credit rating improve over the last year, according to an analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 

    The reason: The impact of the National Consumer Assistance Plan, an initiative launched by the big three credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion -- in 2017 to address complaints about credit reporting errors. To placate state regulators, the firms changed their standards and tightened their reporting requirements.

    Ironically, the change won…
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  • Why August is the Best Time to Buy a New Car

    Ask most people when the best time is to buy a new car and the response will usually be December. It’s fairly well known that manufacturers will offer end-of-year incentives to bolster sales. It is less well known that there are extra incentives to bring down the price of most new cars in August.

    In fact, we help ourguests buy and lease almost as many vehicles in August as we do in December. Why would this be? There are a few reasons why August is a popular month for new car purchases, from model year-end deals to back-to-school shopping…
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