The Evolution of Automotive Service Technicians at Bill Marsh

Today’s Automotive Technology

When most people think about a career as an auto technician, they might envision having a wrench in hand, rotating tires, changing oil and other perceived greasy tasks. While this might have been the case until a decade or so ago, service and auto repair careers have evolved significantly at Bill Marsh.

Vehicles today include sensors, computers and other advanced technology, meaning service and auto repair roles require much different skills than they did in the past. Roughly 80 percent of repairs at Bill Marsh are electrical, requiring technical troubleshooting having to do with sensors and emissions-control systems.  While some traditional responsibilities like vehicle tune-ups are still conducted by service technicians, it’s important to understand the evolved role in today’s service departments.

Career Opportunities

At Bill Marsh, we are looking for employees who have the skills — or are interested in learning the skills — to diagnose and repair modern vehicles.  Working as a service technician is a much more skilled job than most might think. In fact, today’s service technicians have such advanced skills that the job can be compared to a computer engineer.

Given the necessary and continuously evolving technical skills involved, a career as an automotive service technician at Bill Marsh offers job seekers with a passion for computers and technology a great opportunity — with less required education than related roles in other industries. While it might take four or six years of education to become a computer engineer, auto technician roles typically only require about two years of education, along with continued manufacturer’s training.  

Continuous Training

To succeed in in all of our service departments, we stay up to date on the latest vehicle technology and our team is provided continuous training.  This can be as simple as video training to a formal downstate meeting with one of our many manufacturer partners.  Other options Bill Marsh offers include interactive web-based classes, training sessions offered directly at the dealership and training offered by third party representatives.  The latest vehicles are always accessible to our service and repair teams for hands-on training to understand fully how the latest technology works.

While traditional auto repair training is part of being an auto technician at Bill Marsh — such as how to complete engine and transmission repairs — much of an auto technician’s training program also focuses on electronic and computerized systems.  Even though much of this training is designed for entry-level service technicians, veteran techs are also given frequent training for specialized repairs that come with new technology.  This training provides all technicians with fundamental skills and an understanding of the latest vehicle technology.   All of this is so that more skilled, higher paid, technicians are set up for a successful career.

 The Opportunity is Yours!

At Bill Marsh and other dealerships, we are facing a significant shortage of skilled service technicians. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an average of 76,000 mechanics are needed each year from now until 2026 to replace those retiring or leaving the industry and to fill some 46,000 projected new openings.  We have recognized this and have put measures in place to hire and train technicians who have the necessary skills to repair modern vehicles.

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