Here's what makes a good car for college

For college students who want to travel home during breaks, having a car can be crucial. Plus, mom and dad might not want to move you in and out of the dorm every year. Having a car makes it way easier to run errands and get to work, especially if you have an off-campus job.

But what makes a good car for a college student? And what models are best for college students?

Multiple factors go into choosing a car: safety, size, features and more. For college students’ needs, we felt the following criteria were most important:

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $25,000 or less: You’ll keep your monthly payment affordable.

Predicted reliability score: You’ll save money on costly repairs.

30-plus mpg combined: You can drive home without breaking the bank.

Basic connectivity (Bluetooth streaming audio or auxiliary cord): Because no twentysomething listens to CDs.

Good safety ratings: So mom and dad don’t have panic attacks every time you take the car for a spin. We used ratings from the nonprofit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Engine output: Because you want to beat your grandma’s Oldsmobile in a race, right?

Cargo room: You need plenty of room for your belongings when you travel to and from school during breaks between semesters.
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