Looking for Mr. Goodburger - The Quest

Think of Don Quixote or Camelot or even Charles Lindbergh when you think of embarking on a glorious quest. Our quest may not be as grand, but it is much more tasty. Ours began with a Facebook post that laid down the gauntlet. Thrillist released their list of the 22 best places to get a hamburger in the state of Michigan. Several things struck me as I reviewed the list: First off, hunger - a nice juicy burg sounded pretty good. Secondly, I was surprised that I had only visited two of the locations on the list. But I had a third consideration: you see, I'm from Traverse City. For a long time, I've been told that Traverse City is a "foodie" town. And yet not a single location on the list is from Traverse City. That means one of two things: the list is wrong, or I've been lied to. Let's face it, if we have all these wonderful restaurants, don't you think one or two can come up with an outstanding slab of ground beef?

This inspired a challenge for my wife and I. We will travel to the far corners of Michigan -- from Menominee to the Motor City -- and every place in between in our quest to find Mr. Goodburger.

Over the course of the next year, we will sample the offerings from the Burger Meisters on the list and taste each and every one of the burgers that are considered to be the best of Michigan. We will also be open to tasting other hometown favorites during our travels and we will also listen to arguments for or against. When our quest is complete, we will know if the 22 burgers on the list are in fact the best in Michigan.  And as we sample some burgers around Traverse City, we'll see if this area can live up to the reputation of being a "foodie" town.

The Rules

We will taste all 22 burgers considered to be the best, according to the list of the "22 Best Burgers of Michigan" from Thrillist ... but we do have a complication. Maggie is on a low-carb diet. Buns, no matter how good or bad, become an important part of the burger. She has agreed to at least sample each burger with the bun, but may not eat the entire bun. Fair enough. After 30 years of marriage, I have learned that my life is a lot easier if I keep Maggie happy.

When appropriate, we will also sample the adult beverages that are available. While it in no way impacts the taste of the burger, it can impact the overall atmosphere.

The quest began on March 14th, 2015 and will be completed by March 15th, 2016.

We are just normal people, with normal taste buds. We have no culinary training (although Maggie is a great cook).  Please feel free to offer your own suggestions or comments -- we'd love to hear your feedback, too.


Let the quest for Mr. Goodburger begin!

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